This HELP spage provides some immediate answers to most of yur questions. Our site is super simple to use, before sending us a message with questions consider to read through this guidline.

If you are still in hesitation, please contact us and we will help you with any questions you may have. 

  1. General FAQ
  2. Hosts – practice room uploads
  3. Guests – traveling musicians, or new pianists who wants to experience piano playing
  4. Piano teachers
  5. Tuners
  6. Artists
  7. Music schools


What is Piano.House?

We are an online global community where you can book/share your practice room with travelers who want to practice, you can offer lessons as a piano teacher to expand your network of students, you can promote your tuning services as a tuner, or even offer a private concert at someone’s home as an artist. It’s all about piano!

Naturally, you can also book all those services through our site.

Who uses Piano.House?

Everyone who plays the piano or has a piano.

  • Musicians who travel and looking for practice space
  • Music schools who want to share their underutilized spaces and get extra income,
  • Piano Teachers who want to promote their services online and want to expand the network of their students
  • Piano Tuners who want to establish new connections and promote their services online to a target audience
  • Artists who want to have extra income from bookings from private events
  • Music schools, who want to manage their entire workflow on our system for easy payment gateways, easy payouts, trusted booking system and transparent management
  • Anyone who has a piano and want to share it with others, or just make some passive income

Can I make money with Piano.House?

Yes, you certainly can. Our main goal is to support traveling musicians with practicing opportunities by providing practice space on the go, and support their development. All of us need to practice every day!

When you upload your practice space you set your desired price you wish to have for an hour of practicing for your space. This way you don’t only get to know new friends in the global piano community, but you also make some money.

Do you have an app for iPhone and Android?

Yes, we do for both! The app has an added feature: searching services at your location. This is a fun way to see what is available just where you are.

Is there a fee for using Piano.House as a host or guest?

We have free surfing and free registration to hosts and guest. You only charge a commission in bookings as everyone else does. This helps us to improve out site and provide you with an even better service in the future.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Whenever Piano.House discover duplicate accounts with the same owner, we will reach out and remove the extra account.



How do I upload my practice room or service?

Simple. Just click on “UPLOAD” and click on the button which shows the service you would like to share. The rest is history!

Can I upload photos as well?

Yes, we recommend you to take some lovely photos of your piano and the space you will host your guest.

How do I set my opening hours?

It’s simple. Use our opening hours chart. GREEN color is when you are available, if you click on a green box, it turns red. That indicates that in that particular hour your room or service will not be available. You can click on “repeat weekly” if you want that pattern to repeat weekly. For example, if you are a teacher with a set schedule, you don’t need to upload every week separately.

What is preparation time?

You can set up a time you need between two guests. This is preparation time.

What is waiting time?

Waiting time is the minimum time what you need to get ready to book your space or service. You can also set this up when you upload a place or service towards the end of the process.

Can I upload Practice Room and Teaching Services together?

Yes, those two go together very well. When you upload, just switch both buttons ON and fill out all required information. This way if someone is looking for a practice room and decides to have a teacher as well for that hour, you will be the best choice! With one click, you can be requested as well to work with your practice room.

How much time I should have between guests?

We recommend leaving 1 hour between booking appointments. This is useful in the case the guests need a few minutes to wrap up or when hosts need to reset and tidy up the practice room. You can set this option at “WAITING TIME” when you upload your place.

How do I get paid?

As you are setting up your profile, Piano.House will ask you to enter your banking information. Your payment will be received by the banking account you have entered. To reduce processing fee, Piano.House submits your income after it has exceeds $100 USD. Once you have collected $100 USD, a transfer will be submitted. You can also get paid to your PayPal account, which is an immediate, automatic transfer. We are soon expanding our payout methods with our own prepaid debit card.

I want to close my practice room for a long time. How do I do that?

You can simply set your room or service INACTIVE. It will not show in searches until you turn it back on ACTIVE. You can also block off dates in your upload page on the dates that you will not be available. It’s also simple.



How do I book a practice room or a teacher or any other services?

Easy! Just fill our your desired city, day and hour, chose one or more service type you are looking for and press search. You can surf on the map, double click on certain locations to enlarge the map and find your best location where you want to practice. Our map is interactive and you will always find the best rooms or services around you

Which practice room should I pick?

Guests should take into consideration where they will be staying during the booking time. Make sure to check out the type of piano that you are booking and the amenities that are available in the practice room. Please also read the ratings and Trust Badges to find the best hosts for your visit.

Is there a minimum amount of time that I need to book?

The minimum time you have to book is 1 hour.

How do I find the room itself?

After reservation, the exact address shows up under your payment. We also send you an email with the address. If you have additional troubles to get in, you may message your host directly on our platform.

How do I know where I am going is safe?

Before you book the place, check the profile of your host. See “TRUST” button and see how many trusts he has. We can’t take responsibility for any locations, but good reviews, excellent star rating and more “TRUSTS” on your host’s profile are always good signs.

Particularly look for “Trust” Badges on the hosts' profile when you are booking a room. Trust Badges are given by previous guests who has used the host's practice rooms or services previously. You can also get a lot of information on the practice room by reading the ratings of the room.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes you can. Please allow your host a day with your cancelation, so your host can manage her or his time accordingly. All refunds are decided case by case.

Why Piano.House?

We are the very first united online global community for piano practice rooms, teachers, tuners and artists. Piano.House is a safe way of booking rooms for hosts and guests as well. If you keep yourself on our platform you allow yourself to pay safely, and you provide your host a secure payment and information about yourself before you arrive. We always welcome you back on our site if you are looking to work at other pianos, or you just want to try your repertoire on a different piano near you.

When will I get charged as a guest?

Piano.House processes your payment when you book your room and press "pay with card".



How can I upload my teaching services to get more students?

Simple! Press the button “UPLOAD” and chose your icon “TEACHER”. Then it’s simple and straight forward.

  • Set your address to show where you teaching to show up in search
  • Set your hourly rate
  • Give a short description of yourself
  • Set your opening hours by clicking through the green boxes (they turn red to show that you are not available). This is critical to not to be booked when you already have a set schedule.
  • Optional: Set your waiting time to allow yourself to prepare
  • Optional: Set your preparation time to leave enough time between your students.

Why Piano.House if I am a teacher?

Piano.House is an amazing gateway to manage your lessons! You can manage all your students on our platform, allowing them to pay with credit card, to book and manage their lesson way ahead, securing your income and giving you easy access to your money. You can have a personalized commission if you are a regular user of Piano.House. If you manage your entire studio on Piano.House please contact us for a super favorable rate with us. We are happy to talk to you! This system is to set up to support your workflow and expand your network.



How do I upload my service?

Simple! If you are a tuner, click on the button “UPLOAD” and chose your service type: TUNER. The rest is history:

  • Set your address to determine which area you will show up in searches
  • Set your RADIUS from your address where your service will appear in searches
  • Set your fees
  • Set your opening hours. Clicking on the GREEN BOXES will turn them RED, indicating you aren’t available in those hours.




How do I get bookings from Piano.House?

Simple! You need to quickly upload your artist services. Click on the button “UPLOAD” and chose your service type, “ARTIST”. The rest is history:

  • Set your address to determine which area you will show up in searches
  • Set your RADIUS from your address where your service will appear in searches (where you still would like to perform in homes or parties
  • Set your fees
  • Set your opening hours. Clicking on the GREEN BOXES will turn them RED, indicating you aren’t available in those hours.
  • Give a short description of what you do: what kind of performances you commit to. It is very important, so your host will not book you for a party, if you only perform seated recitals.
  • Link a YouTube video to show your skills



7. Music Schools

Why Piano.House?

Piano.House offers a complex solution to manage your school. You can upload all the rooms in your school to make them available for external booking. This way each and every free hour could be leveraged in your school by allowing external people to book it.

You can also upload your teachers individually to promote their services outside of the school in the hours they are available above their regular commitment.

As Piano.House is a perfect payment gateway, you can manage your entire school workflow with bookings, lesson schedule, accept payments, manage payouts and still have the flexibility above.

In that case, please contact us as we have personalized commission fee for your school.